Rub Rail Solid Back


Our Solid Back Rub Rail is available in three sizes in 3.6m lengths. The heavy duty stainless steel rub rail is mostly found on timber and high end boats but is not limited to the marine industry. 

Our Rub Rail can be found on boats such as Palm Beach Motor Yachts and Buzien Yachts.

To fasten your Rub Rail we recommend using:

3/4" Solid Rub Rail: 316 Stainless Steel 10G Countersunk Self Tapping Screws.

1" and 1 1/4" Solid Rub Rail: 316 Stainless Steel 12G Countersunk Self Tapping Screws.


Code Image Product Name Grade Price Quantity
Rub Rail Solid Back 3/4"
Rub Rail Solid Back 1 1/4"