Stainless Steel Gas Bottles


The range of stainless steel gas bottles are available in 5 different sizes, so there is a size to suit any need. Not only do they look great they are made from 316 stainless steel and come with a 2-year manufacturers warranty.


  • Australian made
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • 5 Sizes available
  • Great for marine and outdoor use


  • 1.3kg Bottle: 224 Dia x 225 H (mm)
  • 2.5kg Bottle: 224 Dia x 310 H (mm)
  • 3.4kg Bottle: 224 Dia x 370 H (mm)
  • 4.5kg Bottle: 224 Dia x 450 H (mm)
  • 5.8kg Bottle: 224 Dia x 540 H (mm)

Code Image Product Name Grade Price Quantity
BBQ Gas Bottle Stainless 1.3kg
BBQ Gas Bottle Stainless 2.5kg
BBQ Gas Bottle Stainless 3.4kg
BBQ Gas Bottle Stainless 4.5kg
BBQ Gas Bottle Stainless 5.8kg
Gas Bottle Holder w Clamp 270mm
Gas Bottle Holder w Clamp 150mm