Metric Cup Head Bolts Stainless

Metric Cup Head Bolts Stainless

A Cup Head Bolt is a fully threaded bolt with a large, domed head. The head is typically twice the diameter of the thread and usually does not have any slots for screwdrivers. The neck of the bolt is square shaped so it can grip the wood as the bolt is placed in and tightened, this keeps it for twisting or turning. The Cup Head Bolt may also be known as the carriage bolt. 

Cup Head Bolts are often used to secure pieces of timber together. They are commonly used in chain link fences, decks and flat packed furniture. They are useful for applications where the head of the bolt is not easily accessible. 

Cup Head Bolts are available in a range of metric sizes in gal and stainless steel. They are also available in imperial sizes in stainless steel only. 


Metric Cup Head Bolts: DIN 603 (click here for more details)