Metric Hex Head Bolts Stainless

Metric Hex Head Bolts Stainless

Hex Head Bolts are one of the more common styles of bolt. The head is hexagon shaped and the bolt has a shank with thread on the end. They are made to be used with a hexagon nut or nylon insert nut, also known as a nylock nut. 

Hex Head Bolts are commonly used for joints. The shank acts as a dowel while the head and the nut work together to clamp down on the materials being joined. We recommend using washers with your hex head bolts and nuts to spread the load on the materials and to avoid the head being pulled through. The washer also helps to protect the materials you are joining. If the bolt and nut spins while tightening it will spin on the washer. 

316 Fastening Shop stocks a huge range of Metric Gal Hex Head Bolts and Metric and Imperial Stainless Steel hex head bolts. We also stock a huge range of Hex Set Screws - a fully threaded hex bolt. 


Metric Hex Head Bolts Stainless Steel: DIN 931 (click here for more details)